Visiting Scholars Information

The College of Engineering at the University of Michigan is dedicated to building and strengthening bridges of international understanding and global research in education. The goal and gain of the Visiting Scholar program are to facilitate collaborative research with academic scholars and industrial professionals, introduce undergraduate students to the graduate program culture and expectations, and to expand the University’s global footprint and reputation.

A Michigan Engineering Visitor is someone who will have ongoing hands-on or remote access to University of Michigan facilities and resources that are not otherwise available to the public. Visitors may be an appointed or non-appointed person who are invited to affiliate with faculty either on campus or remotely for a period greater than two weeks and less than or equal to one year (the visit may be extended).

Note: Visitors who are invited to campus for occasional meetings/seminars/workshops are not included in this policy.

Types of Visitors:

  • Visiting Student – An undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled in another university’s program.
  • Visiting Researcher – A postdoctoral fellow currently employed in another university’s program; a faculty visitor from another institution who is not a “Visiting Professor.”
  • Other Visitors – Individuals from industry, government, or an academic institution who are working for an extended time in a U-M lab; minors who are not visiting students or researchers.