Post Doc Information

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Michigan Engineering is a place for a special kind of engineer—someone who wants to make a difference. The college has over 230 research fellows working in departments and programs across the campus. Our aim is to provide resources to help each fellow to become a successful, independent engineering professional, and beyond that, to foster a creative community where fellows collaborate to develop their innovative, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills.

Associate Dean Eric Michielssen has established Michigan Postdoctoral Association of the College of Engineering (M-PACE) Advisory Group to advise him, and to develop programs, training and events for MPACE fellows and their peers across the University of Michigan campus. The Advisory Group and CoE Research office collaborate with Rackham, the U-M Postdoctoral Association (UMPDA), the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching in Engineering (CRLT-Engin) and the U-M Medical School to provide networking and career building opportunities.