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Conflict of Interest:

All faculty with primary appointments in CoE, including tenured/tenure track, professors of practice, research scientists/professors, and lecturers,  must use the M-Inform online system to annually disclose any activities that pose potential conflicts of interest or conflicts of commitment in the M-Inform systemDisclosures and department reviews should be completed before the end of each fiscal year. Faculty with financial conflicts of interest may have additional disclosure requirements.

Learn about the College of Engineering’s Conflict of Interest policy.  The COE updated policy can be found here.

U-M Conflict of Interest Policy and 

Consulting / Conflict of Commitment:

A potential conflict of commitment (“COC”) arises when a faculty member engages in external
activities or assumes external commitments that compromise or might appear to compromise his
or her ability to fulfill the responsibilities of his or her University position. The existence of a
potential conflict of commitment must be evaluated in light of the minimum expectations for
commitment required based on the appointment of the faculty member in question.
Note that the total days spent on all outside activities should not exceed 32 hours/month – also defined as 4 days per month or 48 days per year.

Additional resources:

For questions about conflict of interest and export controls (ITAR/EAR), contact Rick Vanden Heuvel ([email protected]) or Rojah Wilkerson ([email protected])

For Responsible Conduct of Research Scholarship (RCRS) and Postdoc engagement questions contact Joanne Navarre ([email protected])

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Richard Vanden Heuvel

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Rojah Wilkerson

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