Data Management

This guide will provide guidance & resources for researchers in the College of Engineering who are writing a Data Management Plan. The ADR Office assists faculty researchers in providing data management resources and data support. Click here or the tab at left to be forwarded to UM Engineering Library Data Management Plan service for more information.

DMPs authored by U-M College of Engineering researchers can be submitted to the service for review by sending them via email to Please include a short description of the project or the method, and the agency, directorate and/or division you are applying to with the

The Flux HPC cluster is available to all researchers on campus. Since its creation in 2008, more than 2,400 researchers have used Flux. Flux partners include the College of Engineering, LSA, Medical School, School of Public Health, Office of Research, the Office of the Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, and Office of the Provost. For more information on using FLUX click here or the tab at left.


The University Library is happy to announce the launch of Deep Blue Data. Deep Blue Data is an expansion of Deep Blue, designed to preserve and provide access to the scholarly and creative work done by U-M researchers. Deep Blue will continue to focus on documents and while Deep Blue Data is optimized for research data preservation and access.

Created as a strategic initiative of the Library with significant funding from the Provost, Deep Blue Data is a platform through which  researchers can meet NSF and NIH (and other funders) data-sharing mandates; thereby making research data sets more readily available to colleagues and peers throughout the world.

Deep Blue Data welcomes all U-M researchers to deposit their data, which will be citable and discoverable.  As this is a new service, the Library will actively work with researchers to improve the interface as well as the processes by which data sets are uploaded, described, and discovered from July – September 2016.   After September 2016, we will be working on quarterly process updates.  Please send any feedback directly to