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    Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences Research

    Denis Foo Kune (Right) examines the artificial cadaver while Shane Clark (Left) examines results from sending experimental signals to test security and privacy of the pacemaker hooked up to the cadaver in the Beyster Building.

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    Biomedical Engineering Research

    BME PhD Student Ariel Hecht loads a teflon-coated glass slide into the photodiode setup of the Label-Acquired Magnetorotation (LAM) system. The photoioside setup shoots a laser into a teflon-coated glass slide with blood that is coated with magnetic beads to reveal the concentration of specific proteins in the Chemistry Building on Central Campus in Ann Arbor, MI.

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    Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Research

    John Schaibley, an EECS graduate student and member of Steel's lab, demonstrates the fast pulsed laser beams him and his peers work with by pouring liquid nitrogen over the previous invisible lasers.

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    Biomedical Engineering Research

    Karen Schroeder, BME PhD Student, demonstrates use of a brain machine interface (BMI) system that uses 100 channel arrays implanted in the motor and premotor cortex with the goal of eventually developing clinically viable systems to enable paralyzed individuals to control prosthetic limbs, as well as their own limbs using functional electrical stimulation and assistive exoskeletons in the NCRC.

Welcome from the Office of the Associate Dean for Research

The Office of the Associate Dean for Research (ADR) provides support for the College of Engineering’s research enterprise, seeking to enhance the strength and vitality of engineering research. This is accomplished by identifying new research opportunities, encouraging research collaborations, and facilitating partnerships among faculty both within and outside of U-M as well as non-University individuals and organizations.

Steven L. Ceccio, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Research             ceccio@umich.edu



Major Solicitation Schedule:

  • STC
    • Limited Solicitation competition announced Jan 11th.
      • UMOR Internal Deadline: February 13, 2017 (by 5pm)
    • NSF Solicitation announcement is expected in Fall 2017
    • Solicitation Expected Feb 2017